Sunday Lunch Buffet at Tables Grill, in The Grand Hyatt Erewan Hotel, is simply indulgent, and the equivalent of it in the UK would be totally beyond my means. Bangkok does service excellence very well in many of its top hotels, and The Grand Hyatt Erewan is without a doubt one of the leaders.

With a Sunday Lunch buffet priced at 3,999 Baht plus plus (another 15%), the total of 4,599 Baht comes to just over 100 GBP. Yes this is expensive for a buffet lunch, but as free flow Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne is included in this price, arriving at 11:30am my friend Teresa and I had probably gotten our money’s worth within the first hour. Certainly by the 2pm end of lunch, the alcohol consumed alone had been a bargain. (Epernay, France NV wines, beer, cocktails, homemade iced tea and soft drinks are also included in the price, and they mix a sublime espresso martini.) Add to this that after talking with the very charming (and very attached I might add before anyone gets the idea to head down there and flirt) Restaurant Manager throughout lunch, he very generously gave us 2 complimentary brandies each afterwards while chatting some more.

As our first glass of champagne was poured, we were furnished with a menu of a la carte dishes, which we could order without limit, and although we didn’t try them all, we had probably 5 lobster thermidors between us. My friend had dreamed of these lobsters after the last time she’d dined here, and I can certainly see why. Unfortunately as I write this 2 weeks after the event, I cannot recall all that was on the a la carte buffet menu, other than the duck liver on brioche with cherry, but all were sublime!

It’s a gloriously lazy buffet, as any Sunday lunch should be, in so much as there’s not much legwork required, and thankfully no queues involved! It’s an extremely refined and sedate affair with limited guests and no buffet “line” to speak of. While many dishes can be ordered from the menu, which is varied each week, there are a number of buffet stations dotted around the restaurant and I’d suggest getting off your bum to explore a few as they’re really worth the effort, (not that it requires a great deal,). Many of these stations prepare the dishes as requested and bring them to your table, and as they are all very nearby to every table in the restaurant, it’s easy to catch the attentive staff’s eye to order without leaving your seat. That day the stations dotted around included freshly shucked oysters, braised rabbit, roast lamb with a selection of roast vegetables, cheeses, lobster bisque, and champagne truffle risotto. The stand out for me was the risotto which I had several of.

The portions are not large, even on the served stations, but as it’s a buffet there is no limit to how much you can consume except the 2pm cut off and the size of your stomach, and if you request a bigger portion, the staff are only too happy to provide.

Although I’m diabetic I did venture into the sweet suite, which is in a dedicated room. The layout is breathtaking, and while I did avoid the myriad of temptations on offer I snuck myself a mini chocolate lollipop with smooth ganache center and some home made ice cream,

I’m pretty sure you will never find this one on Eatigo or similar websites, as while they’re not usually fully booked, I think they prefer the exclusivity. It’s the kind of place which I think is used to very monied patrons spending the full whack to just drop in and have a couple of oysters with champagne before going off to shop somewhere in town, rather than act like the oiks we are to get there as early as possible, stay as late as possible and consume as much as possible.

Saying that, we were quite restrained and as always acted the part. 100 pounds for lunch is a stretch for me and not something I do with regularity, but it is a resplendent and luxurious treat on occasion, and one I would strongly recommend to any Bangkok visitor as something which you will get your money’s worth from and aren’t likely to find in the UK for a price anywhere near this. What really makes the experience so special is the staff, who possess that perfect golden mix between absolute professionalism, and an appropriate level of genuine friendliness and familiarity.