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So, April is here and that means I’ve been taking oestogen supplements now for 6 entire months, (with testosterone blockers for 5,). It’s taken quite a while for things to start to happen to me, but for just over a month now my nipples have been quite sore to the touch, and just recently there is a noticeable change in tissue texture within the breast itself. It feels denser. It’s as if the extra space I’ve made from previous vacuum pumping is starting to be filled with proper breast tissue, and they hurt when I go jogging, to the point that I’ve had to start wearing a sports bra – the extra layer’s not so pleasant when exercising outdoors in Bangkok’s April temperatures!

Pain or not, it’s exciting to notice the change and having read other people’s accounts of when breast development started for them feeling like knitting needles being plunged in to their chest, I can consider myself very lucky, with nowhere near that level of discomfort. Perhaps the vacuum pumping helped on that score.

I also think that some body fat distribution is occurring, though it’s not so very clear to tell. My shape seems to be changing a little, with a tad more filling in my rear and the lower part of my torso seems to be filling out a bit.

Although it’s really hard to judge I don’t think my body or facial hair has yet started softening or its growth slowing down, which is one thing I’ve really hoped for. However, hopefully soon I will have a Remington Laser hair removal system which I’ll get busy with, and let you know how that goes for me.

It’s now a little less than 3-months to go until I visit the UK. My parents are having a family gathering a few days after I get there, which will be the first time I see everyone since I announced my new name and gender identity to them and that I’m transitioning. While I’m fairly confident that I’ll get little else but love and support, I am really quite nervous, and I hope my body changes a bit more significantly between now and then, so they find it easier to identify with me as a transgender woman, rather than the man they’ve previously known me as. I want a noticeable change from how I was the last time I met up with them. Whatever may be, I’m happy to say I’ll have the hand of the man I love there with me, when he meets my parents and family for the first time, so I’m thinking I might not be as nervous as him!

(The featured image has nothing to do with the article – just came across a picture I took on Koh Chang that I rather liked.)

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