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I received an email last night telling me that my new passport has been printed and is en route to me via DHL, with a DHL tracking number sent by text shortly afterwards.

I’m still a bit miffed with them because I had submitted the additional documentation on Monday, 5 days earlier, yet got no reply from them advising that this was sufficient and my passport application would now be processed. My follow up email to ask if it was sufficient was met with a reply that as this case was now in complaints, I would hear back from them within 10 days! I can’t help but feel like they just wanted me to suffer because I elevated it to complaint status.

HUGE relief at finding out that it’s done though! I’ve been stressing about it for ages now, worrying that there is no other documentation that I can obtain in my new name, which would mean I’d have to cancel my application. It’s such a weight off my shoulders to know I’ll have it with me by this coming Monday (when they do finally pull their finger out they sure do so with speed) and can then buy a plane ticket to visit the UK this coming July where I can sort out changing my name with my bank and mortgage provider. In the meantime I’ll be ploughing on with changing my visa, work permit, medical insurance etc., here in Thailand.

I had fully intended to pursue the complaint to some conclusion with them, but now that I know I’m actually getting my new passport, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be bothered. There’s just too much else to be getting on with than expending more energy on extracting an apology from them or getting them to amend their practices for such applications from Thailand to help future applicants. Sorry future applicants! Just learn from my experience, expect to be requested further documentation and have that good to go even before you apply!

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