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Don’t type angry…don’t type angry!!

I’m rapidly losing my patience, having received an email back from the passport processing people to say they are not going ahead with my passport, stating that, “As you are yet to provide evidence that you use the name you have applied in for all purposes we are unable to amend the passport at this time”.

This is a paradox, because a passport itself is surely included in “all purposes” and they are preventing me from doing what they require me to do, (also conveniently ignoring the fact that they have asked me for one of a list of specific documents, none of which in their singularity demonstrate that I am using my new name for all purposes.)


So I wrote back, as politely as I was able, given my extreme annoyance:

Thank you for your email. However it explains nothing to me and I insist on being informed exactly why my application is being refused, having submitted everything required with my original application as well as an official letter from my employer, as requested your emailed letter of 12th February reference xxxxxxx. If this letter from my employer (submitted twice now) for any reason does not meet your requirements, I would expect you to let me know why so that I can arrange for my employers to provide one phrased exactly as you require.

I assume that UK nationals resident in Bangkok have been able to process changes to their passports in the past, yet it seems that you are totally unaware that a passport is required to change visas, work permits, Thai driving licenses and the like. I am using my new name everywhere that I am legally allowed to, but your refusing to process my passport is preventing me using it across the board. For your reference, in that emailed letter of 12th February 2017, reference xxxxxxx, you requested that I submit one of the following documents:

Tax record (e.g. letter from tax authority.)

               In Thailand a tax record is issued according to the name on the passport. Therefore this cannot be obtained until you process it.

Employment Record (e.g. official letter from employer)

               I submitted an official letter from my employer with my initial application, as well as in reply to this letter. It is listed in your letter as an option to fulfil the requirements of my application. If for any reason it does not meet requirement, I expect you to tell me why so that I can request my employers to issue something which does conform.

Educational record (e.g. school report)

               I’m 43 years old and left education decades ago.

Letter from central, regional or local government department

             If you can tell me what government department will issue a letter confirming my new name without submitting a copy of a passport under that name I will gladly contact them to arrange it. However as I have submitted already a letter from my employer, I don’t believe I should have to.

Driving License (UK or overseas)

            The Thai version of the DVLA will not permit a name change to my Thai driving license without a passport in that name.

Visa or residence permit

            My visa is on my passport!

Medical/health card

           I have asked my hospital about name change previously and they directed me to bring my passport under my new name in for the to process.

Voters card

             I am expatriated from the UK and do not have a voters card

Baptismal/Confirmation Certificate

              I’m 43 years old and non-religious

Bank Statement (UK applications only)

              As you say, UK applications only! I live in Thailand

I reiterate that I have submitted one of the above – an official letter from my employer – and that this now meets your requirement.

I feel strongly that this is a case of discrimination for my residing in another country, especially as no detail or reason for your refusal to process it is being provided. I am a British national and have met all your requirements, yet my application is being refused without explanation. I politely insist now that you elevate this to be treated as a serious complaint, and either provide explanation why the documents I have submitted are not sufficient or continue to process my application immediately.

This delay in processing my application is delaying my arranging a trip to the UK to visit my elderly and ailing mother and causing my family great stress and worry.

I thank you for your complete and timely response to this email.

Best regards,

Ashley Johnson


So, fingers crossed that this will have some effect! As mentioned in my previous blog, I think I’ve persuaded my hospital to issue my medical record under my new name without my new passport, but in principal I shouldn’t have to be doing this.

As soon as I have my new passport safely in my hands, I’m going to see how I can kick up as much fuss about this process as I can, and to that end, if anyone can recommend effective channels of complaint in the UK, do let me know!

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