I have finally replaced the battery for my bathroom scales, and I’m very pleased to report that when I weighed myself on Friday I had lost just over 2.5kg (that’s 5.5 lbs or 0.4 stone)! This is going on what those same scales told me I weighed the last time I used them, just before New Year.

The healthy changes to my lifestyle were not made in hope of weight loss, but since finding that I am losing weight, it’s very real motivation to continue with the changes I’ve made. It helps also that I’ve a couple of friends who are also on a 2017 health kick, and we’ve started a Line group to encourage each other and get each other back on track if we fall off the wagon. At the moment falling off the wagon is an essential for each of us in order for us to stick with our good intentions long term. It can be all too easy to throw in the towel if you think you can never enjoy certain things again, whereas by treating such moments as a blip and getting right back to the new healthy habits, we can stick to the long term plan much more easily, and over time it won’t seem like a sacrifice, but will become a new way of life. In truth, I’m rather enjoying the healthy food, exercise (never thought I’d say that) and sobriety. I just hope I don’t seem like a total dullard to my friends! So far this year I’ve had 1 alcoholic evening, and this past weekend I had a day where I stuffed myself stupid. Even then I was pigging out on much more healthy things that I would have chosen a month ago – loads of veggies, brown rice and fish instead of dialing pizza hut, burger king or MacDonalds! (It can be dangerous to live in a city where most fast food delivers.)

I’m far too embarrassed of my current body weight to disclose what my starting weight was, but my goal is to loose between 15 and 20kg from that starting weight. I’ll be content with a 12kg loss as this will bring me to exactly the right weight for my height, but 20kg is my ultimate goal, as with my estrogen supplements and testosterone blockers I can expect to lose some muscle mass over time. Taking 15kg (33lbs or 2.4 stone) as my initial loss target, I’ve already shed 16% of that goal within a month!!! Some might think that’s slow going, but as I’ve learned, loose it slowly with a gradual lifestyle change rather than a short term diet and exercise plan that’s geared purely for weight loss and is ultimately unsustainable, and it’s much more likely to stay off.

I’m sticking with Fridays for my weekly weight check, but will try to remember to do it when I wake up and before I have breakfast. The weekend can be a time for going out with friends, and it’s very easy to cheat a little or overindulge, so a Friday morning weight-in will more accurately reflect the efforts of the whole week rather than a Monday morning reading which will betray any naughtiness of the weekend more immediately.

I’ll update the following, week by week:

Pre-New Year – starting point

Total loss 0kg, loss during the week 0kg, remaining to goal 15kg

Fri. 27/1/17 – call it week 1

Total loss 2.5kg, loss during the week 0kg, remaining to goal 12.5kg

Fri. 3/2/17 – week 2

Total loss 3.6kg, loss during the week 1.1kg, remaining to goal 11.4kg

Fri. 10/2/17 – week 3. sick for first part of week, then friend arrived from U.K. No exercise for 2 weeks, regular alcohol consumption and careless diet, but hey, sometimes you need to fall of the wagon to stay on the road. No weigh-in.

Fri 17/2/17 – week 4. After the week enjoying with my friend.

Total loss 3.1kg, loss during the week gained 0.5kg, remaining to goal 11.9kg

Friday 24/2/17 – week 5.

Total loss 4.2kg, loss during the week 1.1kg, remaining to goal 10.8kg

Friday 3/3/17 – week 6. Only managed to exercise twice during the week.

Total loss 4.6kg, loss during the week 0.4kg, remaining to goal 10.4kg

Friday 10/3/17 – week 7. Not expecting it to be great as I have another visitor arriving, plus having done my blood sugar tests on 3rd, I was very naughty that evening with red wine, lots of Indian food and a tub of salted caramel Haagen Das (though that didn’t stay down for long)!

Total loss 5.4kg, loss during the week 0.8kg, remaining to goal 9.6kg

Surprised myself there and I’m now over one third of the way towards my target!

Friday 17/3/17 – week 8