2017 is coming along wonderfully. Not only am I on track with my name change, but my healthier choices are starting to pay off. Since New Year I’ve had one night on the razz with friends, but apart from that I’ve not touched a drop of alcohol even when with groups of friends who are hitting it hard.

I’ve not been able to weigh myself since I started to improve my diet and lifestyle (as I’ve yet to get anywhere that sells the battery I need replaced in my scales) but it’s genuinely not about weight loss. My last diabetes resting blood sugar result in December was indefensibly bad despite my trying to justify it through November’s birthday celebrations and festive season parties and gatherings. The doctor told me that if results were poor again at my March appointment, she’d be upping my pills.

While my sister was here over Christmas she put me on to a healthy breakfast regime which I never thought I’d like as I’ve never liked Yoghurt. Plain rolled oats, mixed up with sugar free yoghurt and a small handful of either frozen strawberries, raspberries or preferably blueberries (the healthiest option) left in the fridge overnight. In the morning mix it all up and sprinkle a liberal amount of flax seeds over the top (flax because they’re particularly good for those on estrogen) preferably ground to release their goodness, but not if you don’t mind crunching them up as you eat and picking them out of your teeth all day. It’s soooo tasty, I couldn’t believe it! This realization that healthy options could be tasty (!!!whoda thunk?!!!) soon started me on making other healthy changes to my diet, starting with dinners.

I’ve now got in to the habit of buying a load of salmon fillets, and whatever other fish looks nice at Villa Market, to make parchment parcels that I can get out of the freezer, chuck in the microwave for about 7 minutes and enjoy every night without having to cook all the time. After baking the raw fillets so they are just barely cooked, I layer up a bed of onion and leek, asparagus, dark and healthy “Gabba” rice, peas or beans, tomatoes, either a sprinkling of tobacco or drizzle of white truffle oil, fish filet on the top, season it well with salt, pepper and whatever herbs take my fancy, wrap it all up  as a parchment parcel and it’s ready to bung in the freezer until I want it. As a singleton who lives on her own, it’s perfect, especially as when dining out, you never know what has gone in to what you’re eating.

Parchment Parcels2.jpg

I’m not against dining out and I’m not avoiding it, but I am trying to avoid street food which is potentially the worse for sugar and additives and making considered choices when I am dining out. At Scarlet the other week for a friend’s birthday I enjoyed a wonderful baked snow fish, asked for vegetables instead of potatoes and sauce on the side……didn’t touch the sauce and really enjoyed it.

Home made, healthy, easy access, evening frozen meals are perfect. In the UK, supermarket frozen meals were convenient; varied, healthy and listed everything clearly on the packaging, so as a lazy single cook it was very easy to eat healthily. Here I Bangkok it’s not so easy unless you spend a fortune on imported Weight Watchers ready meals, and you can never read what’s in anything unless you’re fluent in Thai, as Thai language labels are always stuck firmly over the English.

Feeling good from my healthy breakfasts and dinners, I moved it one step forward and made it my goal to avoid white rice and pork at lunch times. Sometimes it’s tough because Thai lunch is included at work, and it usually includes pork, but it’s only very rarely that I weaken, when a dish I simply LOVE is on offer. I always have healthy dark rice at home and my usual mid-week lunches involve a portion of that mixed with diced tomato, 1/3 tin of tuna in spring water (drained of course), chick peas (or similar) and tobacco. I use tobacco as I like spicy food, plus you don’t need a huge amount to flavor food.

You may think all this sounds quite dull, but I’m finding it tasty and very easy to live by.

For the past 2 weeks my general feeling of well being and positivity which I feel is a direct result of my recent healthier choices has encouraged me to start exercising again, (which I don’t think I’ve done for an entire year now,). My current routine involves 2 rounds of the lake on which I live, which if I’m marching at a fast pace, takes me approximately 50-55 minutes to complete. I’m determined to do this at least 3 times per week – no less – and this week I’ve even been managing to vary my pace with bursts of intermittent jogging.

While as I said I’ve been unable to weight myself, today I’ve noticed that my belt is on the tightest notch and I need to hammer another hole in as my gut is most definitely shrinking! Of course this makes me feel very happy, but I’m genuinely surprised that all I’m doing is making me feel happier and more alive. It’s not necessarily giving me more energy, but I love that I’m improving myself in every aspect of my life. 2017 is good!