Not that I need anything to fill my spare time, but I’ve decided to send my details to a talent agency in hopes of getting some extras work.

About 6 years ago my ex-boyfriend and my father, both living in Bangkok too at that time, participated as extras in well known movies as well as being called for stock photo shoots, and they really enjoyed the process. My Dad was retired and my ex didn’t have a full time job at that time so their availability was good. The pay can be good too dependent upon the level of participation.

While my ex-boyfriend was an extra in the scene on the airplane in “The Lady”, which he was told was only a 1-day shoot, he was easily visible on camera behind Michelle Yeoh and so was called back for a second day, for continuity. As such the pay was higher. My father’s extra role as a dirty old man in the go-go bar scene in “The Hangover Part 2” wasn’t a call back and the final scene was so blurry I can’t make out which dirty old man he is!

I know many westerners register with extras agencies for a little extra cash as well as the experience of doing it, and it can be an interesting way to supplement income whether you have experience acting or not. I’ve been in corporate videos before, done voice recording for several marketing projects and acted as host for a multitude of company events such as project grand openings, Loy Kratong celebrations and other seasonal parties and I find it fun as it comes quite naturally to me.

If I can find the time when and if called, I’d really enjoy being involved, but I’m not holding out for the idea that many movie directors are in need of a Western transsexual in Bangkok based movies.

I’ve applied to Thailand Talent Agency, who seem a very professional set up with a really helpful website to get you registered and simple steps that include templates to create what you need to provide. They, like a lot of similar agencies, require you to submit a comp card (composite or model card) which can be created for free through and is a great thing to have if you’re at all interested in extra work, acting, TV work etc., no matter where you are applying.

This is my comp card, which I’m sending in today, and I’ll let you know if I get any casting calls which I’m able to attend.