Before I made the decision to undergo hormone treatment I knew I wanted a more feminine body, but was scared to take the plunge, as many transgendered people are. It can be a very daunting prospect with many health implications to consider. I’d researched online, methods to achieve the appearance of femininity and even toyed with idea of buying hormones and testosterone blockers over the net to administer myself so that I could see what it might do for me. Luckily I had the good sense not to do so despite them being apparently readily available on e-bay. Not only is it very unlikely that I’d be buying a genuine hormone product and/or testosterone blocker, but if I was there would be no way of telling what affect it was having on my health, and it’s an extremely dangerous idea to self-prescribe.

Around the time I was having these thoughts, on an episode of Qi it was unveiled that there was a high occurrence of male ceremonial soldiers in the German military undergoing breast reduction surgery due to the slapping of rifles on their chests stimulating breast tissue development. Later that year I booked a private BDSM photoshoot with a photographer in my parents’ home town of Weston-Super-Mare, which was terrific fun, taking several hours, and using a variety of hugely kinky equipment, one of which was a set of breast vacuum pumps.


Enjoying not only the exciting sensation of using them, but also the prospect that regular use could encourage breast development I ordered a larger set for myself through e-bay. The brand is Noogleberry and they cost me about 50 pounds. For a time I used them quite regularly, keeping them in place for between 20 to 45 minutes on each use, maybe 3 times per week, and I soon started to notice an increase in size. The main picture header for this blog shows me immediately after using them, with pronounced cleavage. (The size seen in that picture is only temporary, immediately following a session of vacuuming, and the breasts soon relax back to their ‘resting’ size, but repeated use did enlarge them noticeably.) While this developed my breasts somewhat, too regular use caused some bruising, which would need a couple of days to fade.


As they became more pronounced, I stopped using them frequently at a stage I was happy with at the time, which was in my view, prior to them being noticeable to anyone but me while clothed. However, when meeting a friend I’d not seen for a few years he quickly commented that I had breasts, so I’m not sure how discreet they actually were!

Later that year, to further enhance myself, I ordered a pair of C-cup breast forms from Vawn & Boon’s ebay shop, which with my slight breast development look very convincing in a bra, creating the effect that I have a near D-cup.


Now I’m on hormones and looking forward to significant breast development which will occur over time, but I’ve started once again to use my Noogleberry vacuum system to encourage growth, and am always happy to fall back on my forms if my breast development isn’t so significant, as I’m uncertain about getting implants. Incidentally, the breast forms are very nicely made, and at 38 pounds make a great Christmas present for straight men in your life, who I’ve discovered really enjoy toying with them.