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Sadly, last week I wrote to the owner of the art studio to let her know that my friend and I would not be going ahead with purchasing of the business or operation.

Our biggest concern was making an initial payment without being involved in the business for a few months first, as we just cannot be confident in our ability to run it with the demands of our current jobs, keep it profitable and develop opportunities without doing so. Even if she were to allow us involvement for a few months without partial payment, delaying her plans for her new project, it would take us time to explore the legalities and requirements of us setting up a company in which we are both shareholders, to facilitate our being at the studio legally. While we both have work permits in the relevant fields, we’ve learned that they are strictly company specific and to work somewhere else could land us with fines, deportation or imprisonment, so it would be vital to cover all aspects of this.

The studio is a wonderful place and I’m sure she’ll find someone to take it on easily, who has experience running a business in Thailand and knows the legalities of doing so.

I’m also really glad to have met the owner and I genuinely hope she’ll become a good friend despite this disappointment.

Coming up this week I have the second of my counseling sessions, at which I’m sure we’ll be discussing my inability to confess all to my father, followed the very next day with my appointment at Yanhee Hospital for the first proper hormone treatment consultation, and hopefully I’ll be starting it that day.