A review of large sized women’s shoes ordered from Howcool.com for delivery to Bangkok.

My latest order, recently delivered, was made mainly because I needed a replacement pair of 4” heeled black oxfords; my go-to shoes for a night out as they’re extremely comfortable and very sexy, and which I lost recently. Yes lost. I’ve searched my apartment from top to bottom and there is no trace of them. Shoes just aren’t the kind of thing you lose when you’re away from home without noticing, so I’m flummoxed as to what happened to them. I’ve searched many websites for another pair of them to no avail and unfortunately it’s quite common that designs get discontinued.

The exact same style (PLEASER: SEDUCE-460) but in a 5” heel were readily available, so I ordered these for round 36 pounds, but they lack the comfort level, so I ordered a pair of high-ankle boots in a 4” heel which were only offered in black patent for around 46 pounds (PLEASER: VANITY-1020).

They’re not as attractive as the Oxfords, I would have preferred them in a mat leather and they are a little high up the ankle, but if I’m out dancing or know I’ll be walking between venues, boots, (or something with an ankle strap,) are so much more secure and I find I can stride in a pair of 4” heeled boots without constantly being mindful of my footing, especially on unpredictable Bangkok pavements.

Pleaser overall is a reliable brand and their sizing usually pretty consistent. I’m a UK size 12, which is US Women’s size 15 (US men’s 13) and a perfect fit. In recent years, they’ve also come out with several new styles which don’t look like cross dresser shoes, but have a more appealing style.

PLEASER – CLASSIQUE 20 is a very understated, classic stiletto with a 4” heel, available in several different colours at around 36 pounds. I plumped for the Black PU (polyurethane) which has a very mat finish, as well as a pair in nude patent.


Compared to the older style (PL-SEDUCE 420 of which I have several pairs, these are much more comfortable and feminine, and with a 1” lower heel, the more streamlined style with more pointed toe makes the difference almost imperceptible. Of slimmer fit than the 420 style, they’re easier for me to wear and walk in without them slipping off, especially when wearing tights or stockings. This was my first order of this style, and I will be buying them in all colours available, including hot pink patent, black patent, gold metallic PU, red patent, white patent and silver metallic PU.

A little more expensive at around 53 pounds, were the PLEASER – CLASSIQUE 20SP which are currently my favorite pair of heels. They’re exactly the same as the standard CLASSIQUE in fit, but made in leather with an attractive mock snake skin finish.  I may well get a second pair of these just in case they’re ever discontinued and I need to replace them, because I know I will get a lot of wear out of them.


The 6th pair I ordered were PLEASER: DIVINE-415; a pair of Pleaser’s older style, wide width 3” heeled D’Orsay T-straps in black patent at around 35 pounds, thinking that these would be a good feminine shoe for comfortable daily-long wear, although not all that sexy.

While they are very comfortable, the width is too much for my feet and unfortunately appears so, making the T-strap stand away from the foot and therefore they look a little odd. They look a little like cross-dresser shoes and so I’m not sure if I’d wear them in public as they are. I may take them to a shop here which makes to order to see if they can remove the vertical part of the T-strap, leave the ankle strap and maybe remove some of the excess material, therefore “slimming them up” a little, as I’ve demonstrated in the 2nd picture.


Again in the older, wider, and less sharply pointed style of Pleaser, I ordered the AMUSE-16 for around 25 pounds, which have a 3/8” concealed platform, (not that I need the height,) making the 5” heel feel a little lower than it actually is.  While they fit fine, the rounder toe isn’t so comfortable for me, as from years of wearing pointed shoes in my youth I now have pointed feet which are more at home in a pointed toe. Also, I find the strap around the heel, rather than a rigid heel, doesn’t guide my foot precisely on to the heel of the shoe with each step, so I have to be very conscious with each step I take, how I’m “landing” on the shoe. They’re nice looking shoes and the strappy-ness is quite sexy, so they’d make good indoor shoes, but as they’re a little unpredictable I’d be hesitant to wear them on an evening out.


My only disappointment were the PLEASER: GOGO-300WC, Classic retro style stretch, GOGO boots with 3 inch block heel I ordered for 37 pounds. I know, they sound awful, but looking at the picture online, I was sure with only a 3” heel they would look feminine and discreet under skinny jeans. Sadly, when they arrived, they were a brand called Funtasma, not pleaser and despite being marked US Women’s size 15, they couldn’t have been any larger than a 13. I can’t even put them on without painful pressure in the toes, let alone walk in them, so they’ll be going back! I was very surprised, as this is the first time Howcool has ever sent me an item which wasn’t what I’d ordered, and I’ll find out what their response is soon.


With the Queen sized hosiery I also ordered, the total came to 330 pounds plus 14.90 pounds delivery warranty and 120.37 pounds for international shipping from the U.S.A. = 465 pounds. The annoyance when it comes to international order is that once it arrives here, the Thai postal service charges a sizeable import duty, which for this order was around 6,000 Baht, or 133 pounds. All in all and order for shoes costing 330 pounds, nearly doubles once all expenses in getting them here is considered.

I plan to revisit getting shoes made to measure here, since a friend of mine has suggested a shop on Suriwongse Road where she orders hers. I’m not currently holding out much hope, as she doesn’t have very large feet, and I remember from years ago, getting a US women’s size 15 made here, (which I did just the once, many years ago,) was quite a challenge and very expensive. For now online ordering remains an expensive necessity, but if I discover any alternatives, you’ll be the first to know.