It’s been reported that 3 have died, and 19 are seriously injured by 2 bombs in the same, busy bar area of Hua Hin, popular among foreign tourists, late last night.

Although this comes less than a week before the 1-year anniversary of the bombing of Erawan Shrine in the center of Bangkok, which occurred on 17th August 2015, it is doubtful the two attacks are connected due to no group claiming responsibility for the shrine bombing, and Thai news agencies are speculating that it is linked to the troubles in the Southern provinces of Thailand.

Hua Hin is a typically peaceful seaside town about 3 hours drive south from Bangkok which is ever growing in popularity and has undergone a lot of development in recent years. It remains a charming destination for tourists, and I’m planning to head there next weekend. Only staffing necessity at my work this holiday weekend prevented me from being there last night, and the bars on Soi Bintabat where the attack took place is chillingly somewhere I could easily have been.

News is coming in of another bombing in the popular tourist island of Phuket further south, this morning.

Happy Thai Mother’s Day to everyone – cherish your family.