I’ve had a pet project working away in the back of my mind since shortly before I left Thailand in 2011 to return to the UK. When I left, I put it to bed, but since I’ve been back in the Kingdom a friend from Birchplace.com said something which brought it to the fore once again and it may be time to shake the dust off and to finally make it happen.

My blog’s target readership includes transgendered people at all stages, from those who privately and only occasionally cross dress, to those who live their lives as transgendered women. It also includes Brits with an interest in Thailand and those who might be moving here and want insights before they come.

My planned endeavor is aimed at tourists of a trans ilk who want to experience Thailand as their female selves, or if they are too shy to do so, simply in the company of other trans people, their friends and/or partners. My thinking is that being in a country where such tourists are extremely unlikely to run into anyone they know, and where there is a lack of hate crime directed towards trans people, will give shy trans people the confidence to step out in public, and have a very liberating experience in this beautiful, exotic and clement environment.

The itinerary would include quite a number of the usual tourist spots so as to meet the cultural expectations of a trip to Thailand, (the grand palace, a river trip, a few days at the beach, local markets, fantastic food, elephants etc.,) but would also include trans oriented sights and activities such as the world famous ladyboy shows, nightlife, made to measure tailoring (which can be of particular benefit to those too shy to shop for women’s clothes back in the UK and those whose body types present a challenge,) and other shopping opportunities which would appeal, including the abundance of quality wigs and jewelry at wholesale prices, as available at the “drag queen shopping mall” and Sampaeng Lane, which I’ve mentioned in another post.

I’ve started working out the finer points, including itinerary, staffing, transport, accommodations, what connections I need to develop to obtain special considerations at various places, and costing it to see if it could be made economically available for individuals as well as tour groups. Who knows, I might be able to give up my day job and devote my time to this as a new business if it proves popular, so please let me know if it would appeal, or if you’d like to be a part of the operation and have the relevant skill set!